Malaysia's Renowned Rack Manufacturer

Machmar Industries Sdn Bhd is Malaysia's renowned a rack manufacturer that supplies a wide range of racks and shelves for our customers' needs. Established in year 1996, our company has gained great expertise and knowledge in manufacturing of different types of gondolas, racks and shelves..

Reputed Rack Manufacturer

Machmar Industries has been producing quality racks and gondolas as per custom made according to the requirements of our customers. Our racking system and gondola products are manufactured and distributed to customers of various industries in pharmaceutical, supermarket, bookstores, CD stores, etc. Our customers are both from locally as well as internationally.

Being the Malaysia's leading rack, Machmar Industries is always on the forefront of our business by keeping up to date with our manufacturing process and also distribution network. We consistently up keep ourselves to offer utmost services to our customers for great satisfaction.

Our Products