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Convenient store gondolas are designed specifically to fit the small real estate of a typical convenient store. Convenient store gondolas are made with quality durable metal plates with strong exterior structure. They are manufactured to hold huge amount of weight for the longest period possible. Machmar has been outfitting your neighborhood convenient stores of all sizes. These convenient store gondolas are flexible in adapting to different floor plans, to maximize the real estate. On top of that, the gondolas are designed to maximize visual merchandising potential. Our range of wall units, shelving, fixtures and POS gondolas make the perfect convenient store fixture solution. Browse through out website and product gallery to know more about us.

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Candy Tray

F & B Counter


Through our years of operations in this industry, Machmar Industries Sdn Bhd has been producing a great range of racks, shelves and gondolas. Our products are widely used by our customers in Malaysia as well as other countries.

Hypermarket gondolas and hypermarket gondolas shelving are among our best selling products. These gondolas are widely used in hypermarkets where they are specially designed and made according to the hypermarket space. The gondolas for hypermarkets are usually larger in size due to the wide space and higher amount of stocks on the shelf within a hypermarket.

Our team of trained employees will carry out the installation work of hypermarket gondolas at our customer’s premise. The installation process will be conducted at a timely manner and efficiently.